(Song) Any Ben of Mine Theresa Hogg PG 8/25/98
Blonde Over Blue Sarah Howell PG 8/25/98
The Blues Sister Ashley Calvert PG 4/25/00
Bringing Home the Bacon Sarah Howell G 8/25/98
(Song) Ben Does Impress Me Much Theresa Hogg PG 8/23/98
Culture Clash (Due South/JAG crossover) Chris Lark PG 8/24/98
(Song) Don't Lose Your Stetson Sarah Howell G 8/29/98
Full Moon Rising Sarah Howell G 8/25/98
The Girl Ashley Calvert PG 6/19/97
(Song) Gimme My Ben Theresa Hogg PG 8/23/98
The Godfather Ashley Sametz PG-13 7/27/98
The Godfather II: The Perfect Drug Ashley Sametz PG-13 7/27/98
Holes In The Floor of Heaven Ashley Sametz PG 7/27/98
Interlude: Chapter 1 Theresa Hogg PG-13 8/23/98
Interlude: Chapter 2 Theresa Hogg PG 8/23/98
I Would Die For You Ashley Sametz PG-13 7/27/98
A Joint Venture Ashley Sametz and Ashley Calvert PG-13 8/24/98
A Joint Venture II: Code 207 Ashley Sametz and Ashley Calvert PG 4/25/00
A Joint Venture III: Chicago Green Ashley Sametz and Ashley Calvert PG 4/25/00
(Song) Mounties Will Be Mounties Theresa Hogg PG 8/23/98
Ode to a Mountie Theresa Hogg G 8/25/98