The following is a short list I wrote about the tv show "The X-Files". All characters, names, titles, and all other related items are property of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. I did not create them; however, this following story is mine. I wrote it and the main plot idea is mine.

Things We Want For Next Season But Probably Won't See

By Carla Vet

10.) Mulder: "You know, I didn't really like my sister."
9.) Mulder and Scully sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall on one of their long car trips.
8.) Mulder: "So Scully, is it true what they say about red-heads?"
7.) Skinner experiment with Rogaine.
6.) Scully: "Dammit Mulder, there's no such thing as aliens!"
5.) An end to those disgusting bugs, leeches, and worms that X-Files writers love to plant on Mulder.
4.) Mulder: "Scully, what do you wear under that trench coat, anyway?"
3.) Scully have a fistfight with a Martian.
2.) Scully: "Mulder, do we have friends besides each other?"
1.) Scully as Mrs. Fox Mulder.