Take Me
by Kathy Riddlebarger

Take a part of me,
take it,
You deserve it.
You need a part of me.

Take a part of me,
any part you want.
Take my love, my life,
my energy.
Take the part you need.

My love can make you whole.
and fill the void of emptiness
The void so black and big it
threatens to drown you.
My love will light the darkness of your soul.

My life I give you willing.
use it however you like
I'll provide for you while you
sort the tangled skein of your soul.
Take all the time you need.
My life will give you time and space.

My energy will add to your life.
give you hope.
I'll give you energy to use as a weapon.
to conquer the demons withing
My energy will be your champion.

Take any part you need,
take all three
Take a part of me.

Rebuild your damaged soul
and come back to me
Take a part of me.