By Carla Vet

I don't look the same
I guess I'm pretty big and tall
I've always been different
Like I've never fit in at all.
And while they're thinking stupid things
how to dress, who to date, how to do their hair
I've got my mind on bigger things
Like if there's hope for me out there
And they're all playing sports and hanging out and spending the night
I sit alone and think, I cry and turn out the light.
Their talk of childish boys dominates their state of mind
And I'm wishing around here there was another of my kind.
And while they stay awake at sleepovers, wondering who to call
and planning for the next day to waste money at the mall,
I stay in my bed, lying deep in thought and lonely,
And I'm thankful I'm not like them,
It's better being me, me, the one and only.

The End