She's singing a song as she hits on her bong
Gets stoned when she plays her guitar
And daddy don't know what hurts her soul so
Loser thinks she's a rock 'n roll star

She's writing her life away, dying on Saturday
Like a pinwheel that spins itself crazy
She types between bites and sees rainbow lights
Loser knows what makes her so lazy

She's drinking gin bottles, drunk rocket throttles
Like a hopeful that shoots for the moon
Fat and obsessed and she's just gotten dressed
Loser thinks it's sunrise at noon

She's finding her place in great outer space
But all she remembers is pain
So she's dead on the floor and she's drinking some more, but
Loser don't snort no cocaine

She's seeing the sun like she was the one
Who put it up there in the sky
If she had a gun her life would be done
Loser knows nobody knows why

She's running away at noon yesterday
Who knows how long she's been gone
She'll fuck up her brain, likes ignoring the pain
Loser writes it all in a song

She's checking out guys that wear blue Levi's
They all look hard when they sit
She's out of control and it's stinging her soul
Loser thinks she can handle this shit

She's always wasted, she's cut and she's pasted
The glitter that sparkles her soul
And the sun will still shine when she's dead and divine
Loser don't do what she's told

She finds when she's cut up she can make herself shut up
Using a shard of red glass
And no one will know, unless she tells 'em so
Loser comes in very last

She's got a gun and again she's the one
That's running away this time
She's got her finger wrapped 'round the trigger
Loser on her fourth dime

She's high as a kite and she knows that she might
Be afraid of all that she'll find
She's down on her knees and with one little squeeze
Loser has blown out her mind.