More Mindless Jibberish

By Kermit5

Mark: Why, hello there!
Susie: Yes, indeed it is.
Mark: How are you today?
Susie: I'm feeling quite, indeed, although it's noon. And you?
Mark: Exactly the same, only completely different.
Susie: Ah, yes, I see. It happens quite frequently, doesn't it?
Mark: Of course it will. It's Tuesday.
Susie: Oh, stupid me.
Mark: It happens.
Susie: I do wish it wouldn't, though. It happened to me tomorrow as well, and it was then when I thought, I do wish that would stop!
Mark: I see.
Susie: Then could you explain? I don't.
Mark: It has a lot to do with Spanish.
Susie: I'm not terribly good at Spanish.
Mark: Then you wouldn't understand.
Susie: Of course! I should have realized.
Mark: There there.
Susie:: Where? Where?
Mark: Behind you, that's where.
Susie: Oh I shan't look, I'll only be frightened.
Mark: Don't. I have a bat!
Susie: Do you? What kind?
Mark: Long. With a handle.
Susie: I see. Shall we get an apartment?
Mark: Yes. Do you have a floor preference?
Susie: I would like a wooden floor.
Mark: No no, what level?
Susie: Intermediate. I'm not a virgin, you know.
Mark: Aha. Feed the dog while you're there, won't you?
Susie: Of course I will.

The End