Interlude Chapter 2 by Theresa Hogg (yes, I did write this, and yes, I
do take full responsibility for any actions that come of it.)
*Ben, Ray, and Thatcher belong to Alliance, Hope and Kyra belong to me
and my best friend Sarah
I would say that this story is rated PG

Chapter 2

    I puttered around Ben's apartment while he was working, and I was trying desperately to find something to do. I was

    I sat down when I could have sworn I felt something move inside of me. I gasped and shot to my feet, my hands
instinctively going to my stomach. Yes, I.. I could feel it.

    "What's wrong with me?" I asked of no one.

    I immediately went over to the phone to call Kyra, but I highly doubted that she was still in Toronto. Not after that
trial. Besides, I couldn't remember her cell phone number.

    I walked out of the apartment and started wandering around the Consulate in search of Ben. I didn't see him
anywhere, and there was only one room left to search -- Thatcher's office. I had immediately disliked the woman when
I had first heard about her, but I haven't met her as of yet. I know it sounds silly and childish, but I knew she wanted
my Ben. Call it instinct, call it female intuition, or just call it one of my "feelings", I just know she wants him.

    I raised my fist to knock on her door (which Franny doesn't know how to do, so I'm told) when a thought hit me. Isn't
she going to be suspicious as to what went on between me and Ben last night? Oh well.

    I knocked. Seconds later the woman answered wearing a trenchcoat longer than her skirt. "What do you want?"

    Okay, breathe. Don't kill her. "I'm looking for Ben."

    "Constable Fraser is out," she replied coldly and took in my appearance. I was wearing a pair of older jeans which
have seen better days along with an old tee-shirt that belonged to Ben. I knew what she had to be thinking, and it was
beside the point that pretty much all of it could be true...

    "Do you know where he went?"

    "Not off-hand. Call Detective Vecchio. He always seems to know."

    "Thank you oh so kindly," I muttered sarcastically and tramped my way back to Ben's office/apartment. I immediately
began to rummaging through his desk for Ray's number -- preferably for the cellular since Ben occasionally answers it
for him. I found it within seconds because Ben's desk was immaculate and organized. I dialed and waited.

    "Vecchio," he said by way of a greeting.

    "Is.. Is Ben there by chance?" I asked, nervously circling the cord around my fingers.

    "No. Who is this?"

    "It's Hope," I answered, sitting in his chair. I couldn't stand to remain standing any longer.

    "Hope?" he replied. "The F.B.I agent?"

    "Yes, that's me. I doubt I'll be working for them any longer though."

    "Why not?"

    Oh boy, had I stuck my foot in my mouth. "Um, certain, uh, emotional attachments," I answered, unsure to whether or
not Ben would prefer to tell his best friend himself.

    "Where are you?"

    "Here in Chicago. I'm, well, I'm staying at Ben's place."

    "Ben's?!" he echoed in surprise. "What are you doing there?"

    "It's a long story," I groaned.

    "I won't push. What do you need Ben for?"

    "I... I just wanted to know if he had found out anything for that case he was working on. Nothing important," I lied. I
had this... feeling that I shouldn't tell Ray. Not yet anyway.

    "I'll let 'em know you called."

    "Thanks. And Ray?"


    "Your hair really is bushy and full-bodied," I laughed and hung up.

    I suddenly felt a movement inside of me again, and this time I recognized it for what it was. Nerves. I laughed at how
silly I was being. I was just nervous about seeing Ben again. That was all.

    So why couldn't I believe it?

Theresa Hogg