In His Life

Some say he was great
and that he had a good aim.
Others don't know of his life
or of John Lennon, his name.

The port-town of Liverpool
was the place of his birth.
He and some friends have
given that name some worth.

The Beatles started small,
playing in clubs, pubs, and taverns.
They landed a good manager
in a place called the Cavern.

They soon got a contract
to boost their rise to fame.
With all of the autographs and crowds,
John soon tired of the game.

Lennon wrote nonsense stories
about people larfing 'round the place.
After a slight slip of the tongue,
the press would get on his case.

Later on he met Yoko,
a Japanese artist of sorts.
She mingled and meddled,
causing tempers to run short.

John's band then broke up,
and they went their separate ways
to pursue different interests
for the rest of their days.

John protested for peace
and equality now and then.
He conjured up a dream place
and made the world "Imagine".

Unlike the sun going down
while we expect the approaching dark,
this great man was then gunned down
by his home in New York.

By the gun of a person
who was unable to see
how the life of one man,
how important it could be.