The Epic Adventure of Henry Ham

Henry Ham lived on a star,
To get to work he traveled by car
Not just a car, but a flying star car
A flying star car that traveled so far.

Henry Ham had a friend named Sam
Sam the Moonman, who had a pet lamb
The lamb's name was Pam, and it lived in a can
A can in a car that jumped star to star.

Henry's friend Sam didn't just own a lamb
For lonesome was Sam, with just he and his Pam
So Sam bought a snake, and he named the snake Drake
And Sam soon discovered that his snake liked to bake.

And Drake did bake, he baked a great cake
He baked by the ocean and he baked by the lake
Which is a very bad way to make a cake,
Because you could drop your cake in the lake.

And that's what Drake did, that poor little kid,
He bought a cake box but did not buy the lid.
So Henry Ham and his friend named Sam
Had no choice for dessert but to eat Pam the lamb.

But this lamb was tough, she would not be dessert,
"Just try it," she said, "and you're gonna get hurt."
She pointed to Henry and smiled at Sam
"Let's eat him instead, he's a ninety-pound ham!"

Poor Henry was frightened and started to shake
For ham for dessert is not as good as a cake,
He remembered who dropped their cake in the lake,
And Henry Ham eyed poor Drake the snake.

Henry Ham, Sam, and his lovely lamb Pam
Did make a cake out of young Drake the snake,
They did not eat lamb, or ham, but cake
And for dessert the three raked up the snake.

The End

By Ashley Calvert