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The Godfather ô Ashley Sametz, 1997
( Scene begins with Claudia  walking along the sidewalk near the Canadian Consulate. It's winter, and there's a fair bit of snow on the ground. Benton is standing in front of the Consulate on sentry duty, the snow fall sitting on his Stetson. Claudia nearly misses him standing there.)

Claudia- Benton! ( puts her bag down.)  Hi, I know Iím a little early, but I figured you wouldnít mind. The plane made an early lift off( Looks at her very-similar-to-Bentonís watch. Itís five seconds to three). Four, three, two-

( Bell Dongs)

Benton- ( takes off his Stetson, and shakes the snow off) Ms. Reid.( nods in acknowledgment, and picks up her pack)
Claudia- ( looks confusedly at her watch. shakes her head) Constable Fraser. ( also nods)
Benton- How was your flight?
Claudia- Long. Boring. The movie was O.K.
Benton- What was it?
Claudia- White Fang.

( Diefenbaker, who is sitting beside Benton lets out a whimper)

Benton-(to Diefenbaker) Yes, I know you thought it had a few flaws in it, but itís a great piece of literature.

( whimpers again)

( Ray pulls up in a 1995 Lexus ES300, and pushes the passenger door open. Diefenbaker jumps in)

Ray- Hey! Wolves ride in the back buddy! And watch the interior!(Dief growls, and jumps into the back)
Benton- Ray, this is Claudia Reid, My god-daughter. Claudia, Detective Ray Vecchio.
Claudia- Hi.
Ray- Hi there. You from Tuktoyaktuk too?
Claudia- Aklavik actually. But mostly Inuvik. I lived in Tuktoyaktuk for a while though. However, I did spend a year in Fort Good Hope, not that I remember much of it.
Ray- Well, thatís nice to know. Any friend of Fraserís is a friend of mine. Hop in.
Benton- ( lets Claudia in the back with Diefenbaker and throws her pack back with her)
Whereíd you get the car? ( gets in, puts his Stetson on the dash, and closes the door)
Ray- Bought it this morning. Isnít she great?
Benton- Where are we going?
Ray- To the station. Welshís looking for me and I figured that if youíre with me, itíll look like weíre working on a case.
Benton- I see. Are we working on a case?
Ray- Aah, no.
Claudia- Iím confused.
Ray- Well, you see Claud, Benny sometimes needs help with his cases, so he comes to me.
Benton- Or sometimes, Ray will need help with his cases, and he comes to me.
Ray- It works out quite nicely actually.
Claudia- I see. ( looks out the window. Sees a man with a yellow toque, with the initials ďN.W.T.JĒ on the side in blue. gasps) Oh no.
Ray- That deaf wolf of yours better not have done what I think he did Fraser.( looks in rearview mirror)
Claudia- No, no, I just thought I saw someone...itís..itís O.K.
Benton-(To Ray) He is housebroken you know.
Ray- So? This is not a house Fraser. Itís a nineteen-ninety five Lexus ES300, this, ( traces the steering wheel lovingly with his hand)is a car.
Benton- Yes, I understand that, but the same principal applies. He knows not to Ďgoí inside.
Ray- Inside what?
Benton- Well...Iím not sure. But Iím sure he would not go in your car. In the sense of       ďgoingĒ I mean-
Ray- Fraser?
Benton-Yes Ray?
Ray-Just forget it.
Fraser- Nooo problem.

( Opening theme )

( Scene begins with Ray, Fraser and Claudia ( Who is carrying Fraserís Stetson) entering the station. Welsh and Francesca are talking to each other at Rays desk.)

Lt. Welsh -(to Francesca RE: Fraserís whereabouts)How am I supposed to know where he is? Heís not even one of my regular officers. And I though I asked you thirty minutes ago to go get the-
Franny- Rep sheet on Dan Dumsha. I know.
Lt. Welsh- Thatís RAP Ms. Vecchio.
Ray- (Steps up to Franny and taps her on the shoulder) Francesca, I would just like to point out that youíre sitting on my desk.
Franny- Well, you werenít here.
Ray- I am now. Get off.
Franny- ( Sighs and slides off the desk) Fine, fine. ( Notices Fraser) Oh! Hi Fraser.
Fraser- Hello Francesca, Lieutenant
Franny- (notices Claudia twirling Fraserís Stetson) Fraser? You have....sheís your...?
Fraser- God-daughter.
Franny- ( Lets out a sigh) Oh, for a second there I thought..
(trails off blushing)

Ray- Donít you have anything to do?
Franny- Nope. The computers are down, the fax machineís broken and the coffee maker fizzled.
Claudia- I might be able to fix the computer.
Ray- Oh, please, please do.
Franny- Theyíve got computers in Akluvinuvik?

( Claudia and Fraser both look very confused.)

Claudia- Iím not quite sure where exactly youíre referring to, but, yes. Iíve worked with computers back home.
Ray- Francesca, make yourself useful, and show our young friend here where the main computers are.

( Francesca nods, and signals for Claudia to follow her)

Benton- Thank you kindly Francesca.
Franny- No problem Fraser.
Ray-(Plops into his desk chair, pulls out a nail clipper, props his feet up on his desk, and begins to clip his nails. Welsh walks away)So, Benny, what brings your God-daughter to the Windy City?
Fraser- ( starts off uncertainly) Her...parents were killed, and Iím the only person she actually knows that can take care of her.
Ray-( thoughtful for a moment) What about aunts? Uncles?
Fraser- Her uncle is dead.
Ray- Older siblings?
Fraser- Dead.
Ray- How? Avalanche or something?
Fraser-No. Murder actually.
Ray- (softly)Oh.
Fraser- Claudiaís Grandfather shot and killed the murderer's brother. Heís held a grudge ever since.
Ray- Poor kid.

( The computer monitors across from Rayís desk light up.)

Ray-I guess she fixed them.
( Lt.Welsh returns to Rayís desk)
Lt.Welsh- Iíve got a case for you two. That is if youíre not doing anything.
Ray- Nope, not a thing.
Lt.Welsh- I figured that. Go investigate a robbery. Hereís the address.( hands Fraser a piece of paper)
Fraser- Thank you Lieutenant.
Lt.Welsh- No problem Constable. Now, get moving. ( walks away)
Fraser- Gladly. Oh, Claudia. Excuse me. Iíll be right back. ( Walks up to Claudia who is at Elaineís desk. Claudia has the phone resting on her shoulder, and typing on the computer. Francesca is painting her nails)
Claudia- ( to the person on the phone)O.K. Peter Sebastian...lets see.. Assault...
Fraser- Claudia?
Claudia- Can you hold on for a moment? Thanks. ( to Fraser) Yes Benton?
Fraser- Ray and I are going out to investigate a break-in. Will you be O.K. here?
Franny- Oh, sheíll be fine Fraser. She can help me with the phones.
Fraser- Is that O.K.?
Claudia- Sure. No problem Ben. (to the person on the phone) Sorry. Sebastian..(continues talking)
Ray- Benny!? Weíve got a robbery to check out!?
Benton- All right then. See you later. Bye Ladies( turns to leave)
Franny- ( smiles) Bye.
Ray- ( calls to Franny)Oh, and Francesca?
Franny- Yes Ray?
Ray- Remember, weíve got child labor laws in this country.
 ( leaves avec Fraser.)

                                 *                    *                    *

 (Scene begins with Fraser and Ray exiting a house. The very attractive homeowner is behind them. )

H.O.- Thank you for coming by officers. ( smiles at Benton and hands him a piece of paper.) Hereís my number just in case.
Fraser- Thank you Maíam , but you already gave us you phone number.
H.O.- I know. This ( points to Bentonís hand ) is my cell phone.


Fraser- ( with that clueless look on his face) Oh, umm (clears his throat), thank you. Weíll inform you if anything comes up maíam.
Ray- ( smiles cunningly and hands the woman a card ) Hereís my cell number, you know, if you notice anything.
H.O.- ( in a bored tone) Oh, thanks.

( Fraser and Ray go back to the car. Just as they get in, another car swerves around the corner, and just misses Rayís precious Lexus. The driver speeds away, going right through a stop sign)

Fraser- Great Scott Ray, did you see that?
Ray-(Sarcastically) No, sorry Ben, afraid I didnít. ( Puts the Lex into gear, and goes in hot pursuit of the car. Ray picks up the radio) Yo, Franny, run me a license.
Claudia- Sorry detective Vecchio, Francescaís out.
Ray- What do you mean, ďoutĒ?
Claudia- A very attractive young man came to the station about four oíclock. He came in with a domestic complaint, and left with Francesca, much to some female officer's disappointment.
Ray- Sure, sure. Look, can you run it?
Claudia- No problem.
Ray- O.K. Itís Christopher-Echo-William, 931

( You hear Claudia typing)

Ray- Hellooo?
Claudia- Why do you want this license detective?
Ray- ( dripping with sarcasm) Oh, itís just a game I like to play, guessing registration numbers.
Claudia- Well, detective, Iím afraid I canít tell you then.
Ray- Youíre just as gullible as Fraser. I want the plate because the driverís extremely reckless. Now who is it?!
Claudia- A Mr. Glen Allen. Heís ninety-two years old, and owns a 1959 Chevy Nomad that he no longer drives. Are you sure the plate is correct?
Ray- Yes Iím sure. Here Iíll have the mountie verify it for you.

(points the radio in Fraserís direction)

Fraser- Yes Claudia , the license is most certainly CEW 931.
Claudia- Well, are you sure it has Illinois plates?
Ray- What kind of moron do you think I am? Of course it has Illinois plates.
Fraser- Uh, Ray?
Ray- ( in a very pissed off tone) What!?
Fraser- Itís got Ontario plates.
Ray- What?!
Fraser- See,( points) Ont-a-ri-o
Claudia- Detective, perhaps you should pay more attention to detail.
Ray- I pay plenty of attention to detail.
Claudia- Sure, whatever you say detective Vecchio.
Ray- Claudia?
Claudia- Yes detective?
Ray- Do you want to make a little wager on this? ( still after the car)
Fraser- RAY! Sheís fifteen years old! She is not gambling!
Ray- Age has nothing to do with it.
Fraser- Well, Iím taking care of her, and I say no gambling, betting, wagering, challenging, risking or chancing of any kind.
Claudia- Oh, come on Benton. Just a little bet.
Fraser- CLAUDIA! You are fifteen years old! You are not gambling.
Ray- Yeah, forget it Fraser, I wouldnít want Claudia to lose all her money.
Claudia- You wouldnít want it anyway. Itís Canadian. But I never said I wasnít taking you up in that challenge.
Fraser- Ohhhh dear.
Ray- Fine, then weíll have a bet.
Fraser- No, you will not.
Claudia- ( completely ignoring Fraser) O.K. Hereís a question for you. What am I wearing?
Ray- Easy. Blue jeans, a black button up sweater, and a beaded necklace. Oh, and on your pack youíve got a patch with ď Dawson City NuggetsĒ on it. Satisfied? ( still in pursuit of the car)
Claudia- Not bad detective.
Ray- O.K. hereís one for you. Whatís the license on my car.
Fraser- Ray, play fair. Thatís too hard. Even for her.
Claudia- Donít worry Benton. I can get that one. LCV 705.
Ray- Sheís good. What make is my car?
Claudia- Detective, as I recall, you already told me that. Not paying attention to detail are we?
Fraser- Sheís right you know.
Ray- I donít believe this! Both of you are criticizing me!
Fraser- Ray, weíre not criticizing you, merely pointing out areas of policing you could improve on.
Ray- That kid is seriously getting on my nerves. When does she go back?
Fraser- ( the car turns, but Ray does not follow) Uh, Ray?
Claudia- I heard that detective. And, we donít know yet.
Ray- ( lets out a long-suffering sigh) Itíd better be soon.
Fraser- Ray?
Claudia- Iím getting the impression that you donít really like me detective.
Ray- Perceptive, arenít you?
Fraser- Ray?
Ray- And get off the radio, youíre getting annoying.
Claudia- Iíll remember that next time you want me to run a plate for you, or do a background check, or-
Ray- Youíve been hanging around Francesca too long, havenít you?
Claudia- I can tell her that you know.
Ray- Oh, turn the stupid radio off, donít you have anything better to do?
Claudia- As a matter of fact detective, I donít.
Ray- Well, get off anyway, your voice is annoying me.
Claudia- Would it make you happy if you never heard it again?
Ray- Oh yes! Would you mind never speaking to me again?
Fraser- Ray!
Claudia- Oh, not at all. Itíd be my pleasure.
Fraser- Claudia!
Ray- Fine!
Claudia- Fine!

( Ray slams down the radio. Scene changes to police station where you see Claudia slam down the radio also)

Claudia- Ughhhh.
Ray- Ughhhh.
Fraser- That was a very childish way to resolve that.
Ray- I know. But it works.
Fraser- You realize that youíll have to talk to her again.
Ray- No I wonít.
Fraser- How are you supposed to get a plate run?
Ray- Frannyís... Oh, good point.
Fraser- See?
Ray- Whereíd that car go?
Fraser- You lost him while you were arguing with Claudia.
Ray- Oooh, Iíll get her for that.
Fraser- Youíre not talking to her, remember?
Ray- Oh, yeah. Can you remind me that once and a while?
Fraser- No problem.

                                       *                *                *

  ( Scene begins with Benton and Ray entering the station. Claudia and Francesca are sitting at the reception desk. Frannyís on the computer, and Claudís on the phone. Ray greets Franny, Huey and Dewey, but not Claudia)

Ray- Hello there Francesca. Huey, Dewey.
Franny- Whaddya want?
Ray- Nothing Franny, seriously.
Claudia- He wants to annoy me. Hello Benton.
Benton- Hello Claudia, Francesca.
Ray- What happened to the ď very attractive young manĒ?
Claudia- Probably found out you two were related.
Franny- ( looks expectantly at Ray for a comeback) You two not talking or something?
Ray- Wow Franny, youíre sure on the ball today.
Franny- Shut up.
Ray- Why donít you take your own advice for a change?
Franny- Get bent.

(Franny begins cursing at Ray in Italian)

Ray- Oh really? ( pulls out an English-Italian dictionary, and returns the favour)Mon culo.. Fung, fung...
Fraser- Claudia? Weíd better be going. ( Claudia nods) Good bye Ray.
Ray- Ciao.( continues cussing at Franny)

                                     *                *                *

( Scene begins with Fraser and Claudia entering Bentonís apartment, Dief bringing up the rear. Claudia, being Canadian, is polite about its appearance)

( Claudia looks around the apt.)

Fraser- Itís a little small, but Iím sure youíll manage.
Claudia- Itís fine Benton, really.
Fraser- ( takes his tunic off and hangs it up) Iíve only got one bed, but we can sort that out later. Come help me with dinner.
Claudia- What are we having?
Fraser- ( pulls open the fridge. There Ďaint much in it. Quickly shuts it before Claudia sees) Take out.

                                       *                 *              *

( Scene begins with Benton and Claudia sitting at the table eating, Dief sitting under it. Theyíre in the middle of a conversation)

Claudia- Eagle feathers?
Fraser- Yes. For his dreamcatcher.
Claudia- Real ones?
Fraser- Thatís correct
Claudia- Wow. Whatíd Ray think
Fraser- I couldnít hear him over the gunfire ricocheting off the tombstones.
Claudia- Tombstones?
Fraser- We were in a cemetery.
Claudia- Why?
Fraser- Long story.
Claudia- Wow. What else have you two done together? ( takes a bite of Chinese noodles)
Fraser- Well, there was the first incident we took part in which involved a flaming Riviera, rubber duckies, a very thick-headed Mountie named Turnbull which you will probably be unfortunate enough to meet, and window putty.
Claudia- He helped you with that?
Fraser- Yup.
Claudia- And this is the same man who shot you? ( waits for an answer, then realizes what she has said) Oh, sorry Ben.
Fraser- Where did you hear about that?
Claudia- We got word of it from the Consulate. A lady named Thatcher.
Fraser- Thatcher?
Claudia- Yeah. Sheís your superior, right?
Fraser- Yes, yes, thatís her. By any chance, do you remember exactly what she said?
Claudia- Exactly? Well, letís see here. Umm, something like: ĎFraser has been shot by that crackpot detective. I only knew it was a matter of time before Fraser got hurt working with him. I mean, taking him to that bar! And of course Fraserís gun wasnít loaded. Heaven forbid heíd be prepared. Just gotta get into all that hoopla with the Americans. Geez, I really should have that transfer filled out. Send him to Russia, I donít care. He can take Frobisher with him, and they can hobble after all the crooks there. Iíve gotta go. Good bye.í
Fraser-(his eyebrows are raised)She, she said that?
Claudia- Give or take a few words. It has been five months Benton. Even my memoryís not that good.
Fraser- Boy,I knew she hated me, but, Russia with Frobisher?
Claudia- She hates you?
Fraser- To put it mildly, yes.
Claudia- ( Lets out a low whistle) Yikes.
Fraser- ( nods) Yes.
Claudia- I just have to ask you one thing, werenít you angry at him though?
Fraser- No, not really.
Claudia- ( shakes her head) This guy shoots you, and youíre not even mad?
Fraser- Nope.
Claudia- I canít believe you Benton. I knew you were practically perfect, but still....
Fraser- I am not perfect.
Claudia- Sure you are. Not that itís bad or anything, just...un human.
Fraser- Iíve made mistakes.
Claudia- Name one. NOT counting Victoria. That wasnít a mistake, you were blinded by love.
Fraser- Blinded by love?
Claudia- Itís an expression. Not a very popular one, but still, an expression.
Fraser- O.K, mistakes....mistakes....uh....letís see...umm....
Claudia- See?
Fraser- No, Iíll think of one, just give me a minute. Uh......... Ummm....
Claudia- I told you. Youíre perfect.
Fraser- I am not.
Claudia- You are. Only you donít want to admit it.
Fraser- I....maybe youíre right.
Claudia- Thereís a start. Youíre admitting it.
Fraser- No, Iím sure Iíve made some mistakes in my life. Do spelling errors count?
Claudia- ( picking up the Chinese food containers) Ughhh. ( goes into the kitchen)

                                  *                 *                 *

  ( Scene beings with Fraser and Claudia looking at the bed. They look at it, then, at each other)

Fraser- You should have it, youíre the guest.
Claudia- No, no, itís your place. Iíd feel like Iím invading your privacy somehow.
Fraser- Itís my bed.
Claudia- Yes, I know. But still. You have it. You live here.
Fraser- No, I insist, you take it. I can sleep in it anytime.
Claudia- So sleep in it tonight.
Fraser- No, you should after that long flight.
Claudia- We made three stops Benton. I wasnít on the plane for more than two and a half hours at once.
Fraser- Oh, come on, take it.
Claudia- No, you take it. Iíve interrupted your lifestyle enough already, you have it.
Fraser- You did not interrupt my lifestyle.
Claudia- Youíve never ordered take out before.
Fraser- Howíd you know?
Claudia- You had no menus , you didnít know what there was to order. Each time you order, you get another one. You had none. Also, you usually order the same thing each time. Ergo, youíve never ordered take out food before.
Fraser- Thatís good.
Claudia- Thank you.

                                       *                  *                 *

   ( Scene begins with an aerial shot of Fraser and Claudia both lying on their bed rolls on the floor)

Fraser- You really could have taken the bed.
Claudia- Donít start this again Benton.
Fraser- How come you always call me by my first name?
Claudia- Fraserís too formal. I mean, itís like we donít even know each other. Too Mountieish. I find it for R.C.M.P  purposes only. You donít mind, do you?
Fraser- Oh, no not at all, just curious.
Claudia- Oh, well. Good night Ben.
Fraser- Good night Claudia.
Claudia- Benton?
Fraser- Yes Claudia?
Claudia- This may sound extremely stupid, but, I think I saw Lewis Keith today.( rolls onto her side)
Fraser- Claudia, thatís impossible. Heís hundreds of miles away.
Claudia- You mean kilometres.
Fraser- Pardon?
Claudia- You said ďmilesĒ. Weíre Canadian. We go by the metric system, remember?
Fraser- Ah, yes. As I was saying, Keith has no idea where you are. Also, heís in prison, remember? The North West Territories Jail. Fine facility.
Claudia- When was the last time you were there?
Fraser- Long story. Go to bed.
Claudia- Denied. Ben, look, it may sound insane, but I swear I saw him. North West Territories jail hat and all.
Fraser- Claudia, no, it wasnít.
Claudia- Then what did the ďN.W.T.J.Ē stand for that was on his hat?
Fraser- It stands for..New World..Testing Junction.
Claudia-  Youíre lying, arenít you ?
Fraser- Yes.
Claudia- See?
Fraser- Look, Claud, he doesnít know youíre here. Maybe there were more letters on the hat.
Claudia- Maybe...maybe..youíre right.
Fraser-See? Now, go to bed.
Claudia- (sighs) Understood.

                                       *                *               *

( Scene takes place the next morning. Rayís over with the traditional breakfast food of America....Doughnuts!!! Fraserís mail is piled up on the table, and Rayís going through it. Fraserís in his serge, Rayís in his usual jeans, white T-shirt  and shoulder-holster, and Claudís in blue jeans and a blue army-print T-shirt. Benton walks in, buttoning up his serge. Claud and Ray are both seated, Claud reading the paper, Ray reading Benís mail.)

Ray- I come bearing food Fraser! Help yourself ( Points to the doughnuts on the table).
Fraser- Do you know how much fat is in one of those things?
Ray- ( Grabs another doughnut and starts eating) Nope, how much?
Fraser- A lot.

(Fraser walks outside the door, looking distraught)

Ray- (  Peering over the letter at Ben) Whatís up?
Benton- I canít find my mail.
Ray- ( Holds up the envelopes and papers. Swallows) Here. You got some bills, a letter from Ottawa, ( With the mention of Ottawa, Bentonís eyebrows raise) a letter from some boot manufacturer, and, oh, one for, you know that girl.  ( points to Claud) Airmail. Itís boring.
Claudia- Hmmm. ( takes the letter)
Ray- She does it too!
Fraser- Hmm?
Ray- That! That! The ĎHmmí thing!
Claudia- ( Begins reading the letter) From Amy. It was initially sent to my house in Inuvik, letís see....
Fraser- Do you want a doughnut Claudia?
Claudia- Thanks, but no thanks.
Ray- She canít have any! Theyíre MINE! ( grabs the box, and hugs it to his chest)
Claudia- ( under her breath) Baby.
Ray- Did, did she call me a baby?
Fraser- Yes Ray, I believe she did.
Ray- Thatís it. ( Throws down his paper, resulting for Claudiaís letter to fall off the table. We watch it land behind the rad, then scene goes back to the table scene ) Tell that kid, Right here, right now.
Fraser- Umm, Ray, I donít think thatís such a good idea.
Ray- Come on, come on.( Claudia casually gets up, but does not face Ray) Tell her to give me her best shot.
Fraser- Donít encourage her.
Ray- Whattsa matter? Little Canadian girl canít fight?
Claudia- Ben, is he mocking me as a Canadian?
Fraser- Are you Ray?
Ray- Yup.
Claudia- Oh, well then. ( Punches Ray in the eye. Scene goes black)

                                  *                  *                 *

( Scene begins with Ray sitting in a chair holding an ice bag to his head. Fraserís standing behind him, Claudia is reading the paper)

Benton- I donít believe you hit him!
Claudia- He was mocking me. And in a sense, you too.
Ray- Not you Ben, just her.
Benton- Tell him youíre sorry.
Claudia- Weíre not talking to each other.
Benton- Ray , tell her youíre sorry.
Ray- No way!
Benton- You canít stay angry at each other forever.
Claudia+Ray- Oh yes we can.
Benton- Ray? Claudia? Are you two capable of taking the same car?
Claudia- As long as I donít have to touch him, thatís fine.
Ray- Sheís not cominí in my Lex
Benton- Ray, youíre the only one who has a car, and weíre all headed in the same direction.
Ray- (pause) So?
Benton- Would you two just grow up!?
Ray+Claudia- No.
Benton- Iíll drive then.
Ray+Claudia- NO!
Ray- Benton buddy, O.K. Iíll do it, but sheís riding in the back. Or in the trunk, which ever I decide.
Benton- Well thatís just mean.
Ray- Well, thatís just the kind of guy I am when I get punched in the face by a Canadian freak.
Claudia- Is he always like this?
Benton- Well, he does often call me a freak if thatís what you mean.
( They go out to the car, and head to the station.)

                                        *                 *               *

  ( Scene begins with Francesca talking to another attractive young man. Sheís smiling a lot, and laughing. Ray, Ben and Claudia step in.)

Ray- Tell our little Canuck here to go ask Franny if she needs help Ben.
Fraser- Claudia, Go ask Francesca if she needs help.
Claudia- ( Watching Franny take the guys hand) I donít think she needs any.
Benton- Ahh, well, go make some coffee for Lt. Welsh.
Claudia- Whatever ( Walks to the coffee maker).
Heuy- Francesca! The Cleveland files!
Franny- ( to hunky guy) Can you excuse me for a moment?( Yells to Heuy) Get Ďem yourself!
Heuy- ( Shakes his head) Man, I miss Elaine more and more every day.
Claudia- Detective( hands Hey the folder, and continues walking by, coffee cup in hand).
Heuy- Sheís good.
Ray- ( in a mocking tone) Sheís good. Na, nananan. Sheís a pain in the butt is what she is!( Station is silent.) What?! She is!

(Scene changes to inside Welshís office. Claudia hands him the coffee. Lt. Welsh only nods, as heís on the phone)

Lt. Welsh- No! No no no! I need a bicycle courier now! NOW! Where to? The IRS! Hello? He-Hello? ( Slams down the receiver and heaves a disgusted sigh).
Claudia- Lieutenant? I couldnít help overhearing, and I could be of service sir, that is, if you donít mind.
Lt. Welsh- Thank God for Canadian kids. Use Deweyís bike. Itís in the rack out back.
Claudia- Understood. Umm, Where is the IRS sir?
Lt. Welsh- 3677 Western Avenue. Big building. Itíll take about twenty minutes to get there, not too far.
Claudia- Yes sir. ( Takes the package and exits)

( Scene begins with Claudia coming back into the station, cheeks red, panting a bit. Fraser and Ray are hunched over a map of Chicago, and Rayís randomly poking red tacks in)

Ray- Here, here, 55th street, and here. Now, look for a pattern.
Benton- Ray, not to burst your bubble, but I donít think weíll find a pattern in convenience store robberies.
Ray- No, no, they do it all the time in the movies, look. ( Pulls out a big book)
Benton- ( notices Claudia) Ahh, go out for a jog?
Claudia- No, (pant, pant) not exactly.
Benton- Well, would you mind going to my apartment and getting Diefenbaker? He needs a walk anyway.
Claudia- ( pant) Sure.
Benton- Thanks.
Ray- See? Look, in this movie, it was Russian, but they did it anyway...and this one, ooh, this one too...

(Scene changes to outside police station where we see Claud walking along, looking in store windows along the way. We then see that dude with the hat following a fair distance behind.)

                                        *                *                 *

( Scene begins with Claudia exiting Fraserís apartment w/ Dief. Sheís having a conversation with him.)

Claudia- I donít know Dief. Maybe Iím just seeing things ( They begin walking down the street, Dief alternating between sniffing and listening, well, as well as he can, to Claudia). I mean, it did look like him, but if someoneís on your mind, then you have a tendency to see them, know what I mean? ( We see Dief licking a ice-cream wrapper) Odd. ( Stoops down and looks at it. Picks it up.) Who in Chicagoíd eat an ice-cream sandwich when itís minus seventeen out? ( Shrugs and continues walking w/ Dief) Oh well.

   ( Scene changes to behind Claudia where the dude in the hat is, licking his fingers, and eating the remnants of an Eskimo pie. He continues walking after her.)

Claudia- ( Notices Diefís not walking, instead heís looking behind him.) What? Come on, Benís waiting for us. Any anyway, you need your exercise. ( Notices Hat-Guy) Oh my God. Come on.( turns, and begins walking quickly. Hat-Guy notices that they noticed him and breaks into a run after Claud and Dief. Claudia follows suit, jumping over garbage bags and what not. Scene periodically changes to see Hat-Man running after Claud. They come to a park, and Claudia begins running through a wooded trail. Smacks head-on into Benton) Ben! Ben! That, Lewis Keith! Heís, here!
Fraser- Claudia, shh, slow down!
Claudia- (points to Lewis Keith (A.K.A. hat-man) who is behind Fraser) Keith! Lewis Keith!

( Fraser spins around, and we see Keith backing up, then running away.)

Fraser- Stay here. ( Takes off after Keith)
Claudia- Benton! BEN! Heís as deaf as his wolf. ( Goes after Fraser)

( Scene- We see Keith, Fraser, Dief, Claudia and Dief running down the street. Scene changes from Keith, to Fraser, to Claud and Dief. A few bums watch them run by)

Bum #1- Fraserís after another guy.
Bum #2- Yup.

( Claud runs by)

Bum #1- Someoneís after Fraser.
Bum #2- Yup.

( Dief runs by)

Bum #1- Fraserís dogís after that girl.
Bum #2- So Iíd imagine.

                                     *                *               *

  ( Scene begins with Benton, Claudia and Dief entering the station. Claudia is visibly shaken up. She and Ben both have a bit of dirt on them.)

Benton- Claudia, are you sure youíre okay?
Claudia- Yeah, yeah. Iím...fine.
Ray- Whatís up?
Benton- Claudia had someone-
Claudia- It was Keith, Ben.
Benton- Well, weíre not sure who it was at this point.
Claudia- I am. I saw him Ben. He was right behind me. I was the one being chased.

( Dief comes up and nuzzles Claudiaís hand)

Claudia- See? Even your wolf believes me Ben.
Ray- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who is ďKeith?Ē
Benton- Lewis Keith. The- Claudia, would you mind calling the Consulate, tell Turnbull that Fraser will be dropping by.
Claudia- Understood.

(Ben waits until Claudia has left, then continues)

Benton- Lewis Keith is the man who killed Claudiaís family. Mother, father, uncle, brother and grandfather. She took it very hard, each time she got over it, another family member would die. He was locked up only a few months ago.
Ray- Oh, I see. Whoa, did, did you say ď Lewis KeithĒ?
Fraser- Yes. Why?
Ray- The, the letter that Claudia got, it said something about him getting outta jail.

( Ray and Benton look at each other.)

Benton- Claudia!

                                       *                 *                *

 ( Scene begins with the threesome plus Dief entering Benís apt.)

Fraser- Claud, you have no idea where the letter went?
Claudia- No. I was reading it, the, it mustíve fallen off the table. Itís gotta be around here somewhere...

( Dief paws at the floor beside the rad)

Fraser- ( Kneels down beside Dief and finds the envelope.) Claudia! I found it. ( Begins to read it)
Claudia- Ahem. ( Fraser looks up, then clues in and hands her the letter. Claud begins to read. Visible distress appears on her face) Oh no. Oh no. ( Sits down)
Fraser- What?
Claudia- Keithís gone. Gone. He vanished from the jail.( Sets her jaw) All they found was my fathers watch.
Ray- Hun?
Fraser- ( Shows Ray his watch) His watch. All R.C.M.P. have one. He took the watches off all the victims.
Claudia- Sort of like a hunter keeps the pelts of his animals.
Fraser- Come on. ( Heads out the door)
Claudia- Where are we going?
Fraser- The Consulate.

                                     *               *              *
   ( Scene begins with The trio plus a wolf entering the consulate. Turnbull *eek!* greets them)

Turnbull- Ahh, Constable Fraser, Detective Vecchio, and this must be Claudia. Here sweetie, have a sucker.( Hands Claudia a red sucker)

( Claudia looks VERY frightened)

Claudia- Uhh, thanks, I think.
Fraser- Turnbull, we came to see Inspector Thatcher. Itís urgent.
Turnbull- Well Constable, Iím afraid youíll have to wait. Sheís in a very important meeting.
Fraser- With who?
Turnbull- An ex-peacekeeper.
Fraser- Well, weíll be going to my office.
Turnbull- Have fun.
Fraser- We will.

( They go up the stairs, and knock on Thatcherís door)

Claudia- What a creepy man.
Fraser- ( nods) Inspector? I need to see you for a moment. Itís extremely urgent.
Thatcher- ( From inside) Fraser, not now! Iím in a meeting!
Fraser- Yes, I understand that Maíam, but I have some very distressing news.
Thatcher- IT CAN WAIT.
Fraser- As a matter of fact Maíam, it canít. Our lives are hanging in the balance.
Thatcher- (to the peacekeeper) Can you hold on for just a second? (peackeeper nods) Thank you. ( walks away from peacekeeper, and opens door. Pokes her head out) This better be good Constable.
Fraser- Actually Maíam, itís quite bad.
Thatcher- ( her face showing irritation) Fraser, just tell me whatís going on.
Fraser- Gladly. You see inspector, my god-daughter here ( Claudia waves) is Claudia Reid. Iím sure the last name is familiar.
Thatcher- It is. Continue.
Fraser- Itís about Lewis Keith. We have reason to believe that he has escaped, come to Chicago, and is attempting to complete, how you would say, unfinished business.
Thatcher- In plain terms Constable.
Ray- Heís gonna kill the kid here. ( Claudia looks up expectantly at Thatcher)
Thatcher- Oh. I see. Fraser, my office. ( Opens the door completely and lets Fraser in. (Dismisses the peackeeper) Maybe another time, Commander Danko. (Peackeeper nods)

                                       *             *             *

   ( Scene begins with Fraser, TDL, Ray, Dief and Claudia all in Thatcherís office)

Claudia- Request permission to speak freely Inspector?
Thatcher- Granted.
Claudia- ARE YOU NUTS!?! You want to use ME as bait!? We donít even know if heíll still be there!
Fraser- Claudia, Iím sure the Inspector knows what sheís doing.
Claudia- Then let her be the bribe. Not me.
Fraser- Claudia, a word?

( Fraser and Claudia both go over into the corner of Thatcherís office)

Fraser- Claudia, look. I understand youíre frightened-
Claudia- Terrified would be a better choice of words.
Fraser- Claudia, please. Youíve got to help. Heís after you, not me, or Ray, you.
Claudia- Thank you Benton, I forgot that for a moment.
Fraser- ( Sternly, in his best Iím-the-mountie-here-listen-to-me voice) Thatís enough Claudia. Help us out, O.K.? Heíll be out of your hair, and you wonít have to go around, looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life, understand?
Claudia- Yeah.
Fraser- Claudia...
Claudia- Understood.
Fraser- Thatís better. ( They both go over to Ray and Thatcher) She accepts.
Thatcher- Good. We and some of Welshís men try it out tomorrow evening at twenty-one hundred hours. Dismissed.
Ray- ( points at Claudia) Ha ha.

( They exit Thatcherís office)

Fraser- Youíre not talking to her, remember?
Ray- Iím not talking, Iím mocking.
Fraser- Thereís a difference?
Ray- ( In an exasperated tone) Yes.

                                        *                 *              *

   ( Scene begins with Ray, Fraser, Claudia, Huey, Dewey and Dief in Fraserís office. Zero hour has arrived. Theyíre just anticipating Thatcherís O.K.)

Fraser- Nervous?
Claudia- Yes.

( the four of them just sit around the desk, tapping their fingers, twiddling their thumbs, etc. Deweyís balancing a pencil on his upper-lip. The door opens, the pencil falls)

Thatcher- Letís go.

( Claudia swallows)

Fraser- ( Smiles encouragingly at Claudia) Youíll be fine. Itís your turn to be the cop       ( Places his Stetson on Claudiaís head). Good luck.
Claudia- Iíll need it.

( they exit)
                                         *                   *                   *
 ( Scene begins with Dewey adjusting Claudiaís radio. She pulls on a sweatshirt (Sheís got a T-shirt underneath), and Huey pats her back.

Huey- Good luck kid.
 ( She nods, and exits the van which she, Huey and Dewey were in. She slowly walks down the street. Ray and Fraser are in another car, Thatcher is too. Scene changes to Fraser speaking into a transmitter.)

Fraser- You O.K.?

( Scene changes to Claudia walking down the street)

Claudia- Yup. ( notices guy behind her. Tenses, and begins walking quickly, the realizes itís not Keith. Slows down)
Passerby- You shouldnít be out on the streets by yourself in this part of town.
Claudia- Tell me about it.

( Man walks on)

Fraser- You still O.K.?
Claudia- Yeah Ben, Iím fine.

( Walks for about 5 more seconds, then we see a man exit from an alley way. Itís Keith. He clamps a hand over Claudiaís mouth, and  drags her by the waist into the alley, sort of how Annie was in ď The PromiseĒ  Scene changes to Fraser & Ray in the car)

Ray- ( To the police radio) Yo, he took it. He took it. ( They exit the car quickly)

( Scene changes to Thatcher exiting her car, and Dewey& Huey exiting theirs. They take off down the alley)

( Scene changes to Keith dragging Claudia down the back alley. Claudia trying to scream.)

Keith- Shut-up! Just shut-up!

( Scene changes to Fraser and Ray running down alleys, unable to locate Claudia)

( Almost in unison)
Fraser- Claudia!
Ray- Claud!?

( Claudia continues to scream muffled screams and try to break free. She lines up a kick with his knee, and gives him a good shot to the knee-cap. He releases his hold, and Claudia runs away to a vacant building)

Claudia- ( Pulls a bobby-pin from her hair, and tries to open the padlock) Come on, come on! Come On! ( padlock un-locks. Claud makes the sign of the cross) Thank you. ( Opens the door, runs up a flight of stairs, and enters one of the burnt out apartments. She locks the door with the chain-lock and looks for a place to hide. She goes into a broom closet.)

( Scene changes to Keith attempting to kick down the door)

Keith- Come out, come out where ever you are! ( Throws himself against the door. Does it again, and the door gives enough for him to unlock the door) Oh Claud-ia! Yoo-hoo!

( Scene changes to Claudia hiding in the closet)

Claudia- ( Very softly) Ben, Ben, hurry up. Please.

( Scene goes back to Keith poking around the apartment)

Keith- Could you be in here? ( Opens a cupboard door) No, could you be in...here?            ( opens a coat closet)Hmmmm, maybe in here? ( Opens the broom closet)
Claudia- Good guess.

( Keith makes a grab for her, but Claudia ducks, and exits the closet. We can hear Fraser and Ray calling Claudiaís name)

Claudia- Ben! ( Throws a box at Keith, and puts distance between her and Keith by going behind a crumbling table) BEN!
Keith- Iíve got you now, you little brat. ( Pulls a hunting knife out of his belt) Címere.      ( Goes toward Claudia)
Claudia- ( Grabs an old lamp, and throws that at him too) Get Lost!

( We hear Ben and Ray approaching the apartment)

Keith- ( Claudia is by an open window. Keith lunges for her. Claudia puts her foot up to kick him, but he has anticipated this, and pushes her foot back, resulting in her falling out the window. Keith exits by way of the fire escape)

( Fraser & Ray enter. Fraser goes out the escape also.)

( Scene changes. We see Claudia holding desperately onto the window  bars, one apartment below from where she took her fall)

Claudia- Ben! BENTON! Help! Please!  (Ben continues his pursuit)

( Ray looks down at Claudia from the apartment in which she and Keith were in)

Claudia- RAY! Ray, help!

Ray- Hold on! ( goes out the fire escape, and goes down one story. Climbs in the window off the fire escape, goes through the apartment, and grabs Claudiaís wrists just as they slip off the bars) So youíre talking to me now, hun?
Claudia- Yes! Iím sorry! Youíre a great cop! Just pull me up!
Ray- You got it ( Pulls her up).

                               *                  *                  *

     ( Scene begins with Fraser and Claudia entering Fraserís apartment later that night. Theyíre in the middle of an argument)

Fraser- There Claudia, are you happy?! Thereís my mistake!
Claudia- Fraser, I did not mean MAKE a mistake now! Especially when someoneís life is in danger! You put the uniform first!
Fraser- I did not!
Claudia- You did! And the sad thing is Fraser, you didnít even catch the guy!
Fraser- Hold on a second! Youíre telling me th-( pauses) You called me Fraser.
Claudia- Like I said. Fraser sounds like I donít even know you. ( Goes into the bathroom, and slams the door)

( Fraser Sr. appears)

F.Sr.- Be thankful she didnít call you ď ConstableĒ
Fraser- Oh boy.
F. Sr.- Youíre supposed to be taking care of her son.
Fraser- I AM taking care of her.
F.Sr.- Not by putting your uniform first.
Fraser- Would you mind leaving? Iím not in the mood for a chat.
F.Sr.- Well, I think you need one. Do you mind me staying?
Fraser- Do I have a choice?
F.Sr.- ( Laughs) Nope.

 ( Scene changes to Claudia inside the bathroom. Sheís sitting on the edge of the bathtub, holding her head in her hands)

( Claudiaís father appears)

C.F.- Donít you think that was a bit harsh, Claudia?
Claudia- I swear, Iím losing my mind...
C.F.- Heís new at this you know?
Claudia- Well dad, so am I.

( Claudiaís mother appears)

Claudia- Oh no. Not you too. Go away mom, please.
C.M.- Whatís wrong dear?
C.F.- And you said I never paid attention to her! You donít even know whatís going on!
Claudia- Both of you! Please!
C.M.- ME?! You never even saw her grow up! I bet she didnít notice you were even dead!
Claudia- MOTHER!

( Claudiaís brother, Josh appears)

Claudia- Oh, hey bro. Join right in, the partyís just starting.
Josh- Uncle Collin said her was on his way.
Claudia- Iím beginning to wish Ray didnít grab me...

( Uncle Collin appears. C.M. and C.D. are still fighting)

Claudia- ( With mock enthusiasm) Uncle Collin! So glad you could make it!
Collin- What are they fighting about now?
Claudia- ( Shrugs) Who knows! Last thing I heard was about how many pages   ďThe GameĒ had.
Collin- Three-hundred and three.
Claudia- Thank you Uncle Collin, I appreciate it.

( Josh, in the meantime, is using Benís razor)

Claudia-  Josh, is the afterlife REALLY that peaceful?
Josh- ( while shaving) Haha. In our section? No way.
Claudia- Please tell me no one else is dropping by.
Josh- Grandpa Stephen said he might.
Claudia- Wonderful.

  ( Scene changes to Fraserís situation. Fraser Sr. and Fraserís Grandma are having a chat)

F.Sr.- You  donít even know what youíre talking about! The caribou-
Fraser- Dad! Please! Whoever youíre talking to, make them leave!
F.Sr.- Your grandmother.
Fraser- Well, tell her to leave!
F. Grandmother- Benton Fraser! Well, I never!
F.Sr.- Sheís yelling at you son.
Fraser- I donít care! I canít see her, nor hear her, so I donít care!
F. Grandmother- Robert! Look at what youíve taught the boy!
F.Sr- Me?! You raised him!
F. Grandmother- He turned out the way he did because he had no strong male influence!
F.Sr- What about Dad? Doesnít he count for ď Male Influence.Ē?
Fraser- Dad? make her leave!
F. Sr- Iíve tried to do that for a looong time son.
F. Grandmother-  * Humph!* ( disappears)
F.Sr- ( letís out a sigh of relief) Sheís gone.
Fraser- Iím glad. Now would you mind going too?
F.Sr.- Haha. No way, Iím staying to watch this.
Fraser- Dad, I would feel more comfortable if-
F.Sr.- Nonsense. Iíll be giving you moral support.
Fraser- Fine. ( hangs his head) Iíll need all the support I can get. ( Knocks on bathroom door) Claudia?

(scene changes to inside the bathroom. Everyoneís still there, chatting)

Claudia- Thatíd better not be Grandpa Stephen.

( Grandpa Stephen appears)
G.S.- (Smiles @ Claudia) Boo.

( scene changes back to Fraser on the other side of the door)

Fraser- Claudia? Can I come in?

( scene changes back to the bathroom)

Claudia- Fraser? ( Sighs) I guess so.

( Fraser opens the door, and he and Fraser Sr. walk in. Fraser Sr. and Grandpa Stephen greet each other)

F.Sr.- Stephen!
G.S- Robert!
Claudia+Fraser- Who are you talking to? What? Would you please just leave!?!
F.Sr.- Good grief son, whatís gotten into you?
G.S.-  And to you Claud! Just ask politely hon .
F.Sr.- Heís right. Ask nicely next time.
Claudia+Fraser- What!? WHO?!

( Claudia slaps a hand to her forehead, and shuts her eyes)

Claudia-  (eyes still shut)  Yes...Fraser?
Fraser- Oh...Iím...Iím sorry.
Claudia- Yeah, me too.

  ( All the dead people in the room go ĎAww!í Claudia and Fraser shoot looks at them)

Fraser- Look, I, Iím, just not used to this and-
Claudia- Fraser, I know. Neither am I. Itís just that, you know, sticking me out there with Keith, and-
Josh- My watch!
Claudia- ( looking at Josh) Huh?
Josh- (pointing at Claudiaís bare wrist) My watch is gone.

( Claudia looks at her wrist)

Claudia- Nooo!
Fraser- What?
Claudia- My, Joshís watch! It mustíve come off when Keith grabbed me, or...
Fraser- ...He took it.
Claudia- Dammit!
All But Claudia- Claudia!
Claudia- Josh, Iím sooo sorry!
Fraser- Pardon me?
Claudia- ( trying to cover her mistake) I mean, in the sense that he might be listening. Ever have the feeling that your Dad, or Mom is watching you?
Fraser- ( looks at F.Sr.) All the time Claudia, all the time.

                                   *              *                *

  (scene takes place the next day. Claudia is at the computers with Franny. Ray and Fraser are in The Closet. Theyíre talking softly)

Ray- Look, sheís gotta try again.
Fraser- Exactly what I was thinking.
Ray- How are we going to convince her?
Fraser- Iím not sure.
Ray- Bribery?
Fraser- No.
Ray- Scaring her?
Fraser- No.
Ray- Encouraging her?
Fraser- Itís a possibility.
Ray- Force her?
Fraser- Works for me.
Ray- O.K. then.

( They exit the closet, and receive odd looks from everyone but Lt. Welsh who is talking to another officer. Welsh directs the officer into the closet, and Welsh follows. We hear the beginning of the conversation, then Welsh closes the door. Ray and Fraser head down the hall to Frannyís desk)

Fraser- Claudia? A word?

( Claudia puts up a hand for a ď hold onĒ. She types in a few more words, then speaks into the phone resting on her shoulder.

Claudia- Yup, itís stolen. No problem....understood.

( Claudia looks up to Ben)

Claudia- Yes Ben?
Fraser- Ray and I have come to the conclusion that...well, we believe...we donít want to FORCE you, but-
Ray- We need to stick you out there to get Keith again.
Fraser- Thank you Ray.
Ray- No problem Ben.
Claudia- Are you crazy!? Fraser, as your Father often said, ĎThere are two things worse than dying: living without honor and dying without reason.í Now I donít know about you Fraser, but I think this would be dying without reason.
Ray- Smart man, your father.
Fraser- But this isnít-
Claudia- So, Iím sorry, Fraser, but the answerís gonna be no. Now if you donít mind, Iíve got lunch break. ( picks up her coat) Franny want anything?
Franny- No thanks. Iíll go with you. ( picks up her coat, and they walk away from Ray and Ben. Once theyíre out of ear shot, Franny whispers:) Hey, Claudia has  Fraser ever mentioned my name to you? Just out of curiosity.

( they exit)

                                *                  *                   *

    ( scene takes place around 3:00 that day. Ben and Ray are at Rayís desk, Ray tossing a tiny football in the air, Fraserís reading. Welsh approaches the desk)

Fraser- ( looks up from his book) Whereís Claudia?
Ray-  ( shrugs) Isnít she still at lunch?
Fraser- Itís three oíclock.
Ray- So? My lunch hour lasts this long.
Welsh- Iíll remember to take note of that detective. Iíve got a case for you two. A young girl was murdered. ( hands over a piece of paper)
Ray- Oh, no, not good. You mean like, like dead bodies?
Welsh- Yes, very good detective. Now, lets go.
Ray- Awww, but lieutenant-
Welsh- NOW! ( leaves)
Fraser- Understood. ( looks at the paper) Hmm. This is around my neighbourhood. Well, lets go.

( Rayís still sitting down, looking sort of sick)

Fraser- Ray, come on.
Ray- Uh un.
Fraser- Raaa-y..?
Ray- No.
Fraser- This is your job.
Ray- Bring Claudia with you.
Fraser- Sheís still on lunch.

( pause)

Ray- You donít think....

( they both get up, and leave)

   ( scene begins with Ray and Ben pulling up in the Riv. They get out, push through the crowd and other police, Ray and Fraser squat down, and Fraser lifts the blanket. Itís a young girl with brown hair. Ray closes his eyes)

Ray- Shit...( puts a hand over his eyes)
Fraser- Itís not Claudia, Ray.
Ray- Hun? ( still not looking)
Fraser- Itís not her. Stunning resemblance though.
Ray- O.K., investigation over, lets go.
Fraser- Umm...stabbed...about..hmm hmm..five times...
Ray- Can we go?
Fraser- Hmm? Oh, sure, no problem. We will, however have to examine the body...have you seen Dr. Gustafson lately?
Ray- Yeah, yeah, lets go.
Fraser- (stands up) Onwards.

    ( scene begins with Ray and Fraser in the morgue. Dr. Gustafson is sitting on a stool, reading  ď The Judas KissĒ, and humming ďCanon in DĒ. Ray looks kind of green. Fraser is inspecting the body)

Fraser- Have her parents been notified?
Ray- Uh, no, we, it hasnít been identified.
Fraser- Umm. ( continues poking around the body) She was stabbed in the back about, one, two..four times, implying that the person most likely did NOT see her face at first. Hmm...

( Claudia appears in the door window, then pushes through.)

Fraser- Claudia! Where, where have you been!? Youíve been gone for hours!
Claudia- Some greeting. Welsh said youíd be down here. Hey doc. ( waves to Dr. Gustafson)
Dr. Gustafson- Aah!  Claudia, so glad you came down. Here, take a look at this.
Fraser- Yes, that would be a good idea.
Ray- Oh, Fraser, donít make her look at that! Youíre gonna scar her for life! Claudia! No, donít look at that!

( Fraser pulls back the sheet)

Ray- Fraser, youíre gonna scare the kid to death.
Claudia- ( startled) She, she looks like me.
Fraser- I have reason to worry, donít I ?
Dr. Gustafson- Ahh, Fraser, such a good caregiver. (slaps him on the back)
Fraser- ( smiles) Claudia, look, if we donít get this guy, there are going to be more bodies ending up in here.
Claudia- Yeah, and Iíll be one of them.
Ray- Please...no more... dead... body talk.
Fraser- Ray, wanna help me out here?
Ray- I think Iím gonna be sick. ( Pushes through the doors, and runs upstairs)
Claudia- Look, Fraser, I want to help, really I do, I just donít think that this is the only option.
Fraser- Claudia, weíve had numerous units out there, trying to find him. Not one of those officers has even seen him. Help us out here, weíre helping you.
Claudia- No Fraser, no. Iím gonna go help Francesca. ( exits)
Fraser-  ( calls up the stairs) Claudia!
Claudia- Donít  forget to check her pockets!
                                  *                        *                     *
  ( Fraser is in his office at the Consulate. Itís about 11:30 p.m. and snowing wet snow. TDL/TIQ (The Ice Queen) knocks on his door)

Thatcher- Constable?
Fraser- (stands up, and hits his thigh on that blasted corner of his desk) Yes..Inspector?
Thatcher- (opens the door) Why are you here so late?
Fraser- Uhh, Lewis Keith Maíam.
Thatcher- What about him?
Fraser- Well, we believe that he murdered a young woman earlier today. I was checking the record to see how his other victims were killed.
Thatcher- Couldnít you have just asked Claudia?
Fraser- No Maíam, I donít think that would be a good idea. You see, she has just gotten over the recent death of her brother, Joshua, and it would be-
Thatcher- That will be sufficient Constable. When will you be leaving?
Fraser- Very soon Maíam, donít worry.
Thatcher- (trying to sound as normal as possible) Can, can I offer you a ride home Constable?
Fraser- (smiles politely) Thank you kindly Maíam, but thatís quite all right.
Thatcher- Just asking. (turns to the door, then turns back to Fraser) Fraser, say, have you seen Turnbull lately? He said heíd be back by eleven.
Fraser- No Maíam, I havenít seen him.
Thatcher- Oh well, good-night Constable.
Fraser- Good-night Inspector.
  ( Thatcher exits, Fraser sits. A few moments later, we hear a scream. Fraser jumps out of his chair, hits his thigh again, grimaces in pain, and leaps down the stairs)
Thatcher- Fraser!?!
Fraser- Inspector? ( runs to the door)
Thatcher- I..found Turnbull, Fraser...God....

(Fraser exits the Consulate, and joins Thatcher on the wet stairs. A few steps down, Turnbull is sprawled on his stomach . A pool of dark blood is around him, and a hunting knife is in his shoulder.)

Fraser- ( Puts a hand on Thatcherís back, and guides her back into the Consulate) I think it would be wise of you to call Detective Vecchio Maíam.

(Thatcher nods, and Fraser heads back out.)

Thatcher- Fraser?

(Fraser turns to face Thatcher)

Fraser- Yes Inspector?
Thatcher- Be careful.
Fraser- ( with that innocent/confused look on his face) Understood.

(Fraser goes over to Turnbullís body, and inspects it. Notices the knife in his shoulder. He looks at Turnbullís wrist, and sees the tan-line of a watch. His watch is gone. A solemn look comes over his face, and he re-enters the Consulate.)

                                       *                    *                     *

    ( Scene takes place later on that night, Ray, Thatcher, three other uniforms, and Dr. Gustafson are all at the scene. The atmosphere is that of a classic crime scene: Wet, snowing, most have black umbrellas up )

Ray- I donít believe this.
Dr.Gustafson- Oh, wow. Look how neat this stab wound is. Come, come, look Fraser.
Ray- You truly are a sick man, you know that?
Thatcher- (speaking to one of the uniforms) He left about ten-thirty to go get a coffee for me, he said heíd return by eleven. Heís very punctual, so I was surprised he was so late.
Police#1- What time did you find the body?
Thatcher- Around...eleven thirty-five I would imagine...I was heading home at the time.

( Francesca pulls up in a blue Sunfire. She and Claudia get out. Franny approaches Ben first)

Franny: Woah. What happened here?
Ray- What do you think Franny?
Franny- Touchy.
Ray- Yeah, well, Iím like that when I have to investigate two murders, a convenience store shooting, and a hit and run in one day.
Franny- Oh. Sorry Ray.
Ray- Really?
Franny- Yeah...bro.
Ray- (grinning and pretending to cry) I knew she loved me.
Franny- Donít get all emotional on me. (to Ben) How, um, howíd it happen?
Ray- Oh Franny, it was terrible, just awful! ( Hugs her, faking crying).
Franny- GET *OFF* ME! ( pushes Ray off)
Fraser- Weíre not entirely sure, but he was stabbed....quite a few times. Weíre, weíre not sure when exactly, or by whom, though I do have a good idea.
Claudia- (mumbles) So do I.
Franny- How?
Fraser- His watch was gone.
Ray- Oh?
Fraser- Yes. Cut off. He was obviously in a hurry, or he would have taken it off normally.
Franny- Whatís a watch got to do with this. And whoís ĎHeí?
Ray- Have you told Meg?
Fraser- I donít think now would be a good time. ( gestures towards Thatcher, who is standing with an officer, visibly shaken up) He was a moron, but a colleague.
Claudia- Thatís, was, Sucker Guy?
Fraser- Yes.
Claudia- Oh.
Fraser- The question is though, who would want to hurt, or kill, Turnbull?
Ray- Maybe they didnít want to.
Claudia- Yeah.
Fraser- Pardon?
Claudia- Maybe Keith thought this was someone else, like when he killed that girl.
Fraser- But who do we know thatís a mountie, and resembles Turnbull from the back?

(Claudia and Ray look up at Fraser like heís lost it)

Fraser- Oh, yes.
Claudia- Ben, with your Stetson on, youíd look identical from behind.
Ray- But why kill Fraser?
Claudia- Heís nuts. Seriously. He sees you with me, he assumes youíre related. I guess you could say, knowing me comes with a price.

    ( on the sidewalk, a passerby (Keith) checks out his handi-work. Ray looks over at him, and Keith backs up, thinking Ray recognizes him. Keith is wearing his hat, and pulls it tighter over his head. Ray turns back to Fraser.)

Ray- Hey, Ben, what does ď N.W.T.J.Ē stand for?
Fraser- North West Territories Jail. Why?
Ray- I think I found our man. ( gestures with his head to Keith. Fraser turns slightly, and sees him.)
Fraser- What are we going to do?
Ray- Got your gun?
Fraser- Yes.
Ray- Itís not loaded though, is it?
Fraser- As a matter of fact it is. I got my gun registered before Claudia came.
Ray- Then I say, we go for a run. How about you?
Fraser- Yes, sounds good. I enjoy evening jogs. Claudia? (She looks up) Can you direct the police in the direction we went? And you stay put.
Claudia?- Huh?
Ray- Ready? (Fraser nods) Letís go!

( they take off towards Keith, who runs away promptly. Claudia the realizes whatís going on)

Claudia- Yo! Officer! Murder suspect on the run! (points in the direction in which Ray and Fraser are running. The police clue in, and take off. Claudia makes sure no ones looking, casually saunters away, then breaks into a run with the cops)

   (Scene takes place with Ray, Fraser and Keith running down a busy street. As in, the middle of the street. A car pulls out, and hits Ben. He rolls off the hood, and lands on the ground. Ray goes back to make sure heís O.K.)

Ray- Ben! You O.K.?
Fraser- (getting up) Yeah. Whereíd he go?
Ray- That way. (Points it out)
Fraser- Letís go.

(They take off again. Scene changes to where Keith is. Heís behind a pillar in an underground parking lot, ready for action with his gun raised. His shirt sleeve slides down when he does so, and we see a bunch of identical watches on his wrist, one with tape on the band. Scene changes back to Ray and Fraser)

Ray- (slows down, then stops. Hunches over, panting) Whereíd he go?
Fraser- (sees the metal prong from Turnbullís broken watch in front of the parking garage) This way. ( gets up, and enters the garage. Ray follows, gun drawn)

  (Scene changes to Claudia and the three other cops. They run past the garage, but Claudia sees the shine off the prong. She enters the garage.)

   (Scene goes back to Ray and Ben)

Ray- Whereíd he go?
Fraser- I do not know.
   ( Scene changes to Keith posed behind the pillar. He takes aim for Fraser, only Ray moves in front of him. Keith fires any way.)

Ray- (takes the shot, and falls) Uhh! (Puts a hand to his side, and rolls in pain)

  ( another shot is fired. Fraser hits the floor in cover. Claudia enters, and Keith points the gun at her.)

Keith- (shoots at Claudia, it grazes the top of her shoulder. She falls) You bitch! Coming all the way to Chicago, and not telling me? (Slowly walks closer to Claudia.) Do you know how many people I killed thinking it was you? God, even that stupid Amy couldnít help me out.
Claudia- You, you killed her? ( begins to cry, but tries not to)
Keith- No. But I tried.
Claudia- You...bastard.
Keith- (shoots into the ceiling) What did you call me?

(During this time, Fraser is slowly taking out his gun.)

Claudia- You killed my mother, you killed my father, you-
Keith- Yes, yes, your brother, your grandfather and your uncle. I know! I killed them!
Claudia- You son of a bitch.
 Keith- (grabs Claudia, and puts the gun to her head) Come on, weíre going.
Claudia- Where? Oww! Stop it!
Fraser- (gets up) Lewis, let her go.
Keith- What? Youíre supposed to be dead!
Fraser- (shakes his head) No. You killed someone else, my friend.
Keith- Tragedy. Oh, well, I needed a new watch anyway.
Ray- You really are sick you know? (Still rolling around in pain)
Keith- Yes, many have told me that. Now, weíll be going.
Fraser- No you wonít.
Keith- Yup, I am. And if you donít let me, Iíll finish off your friend.
Fraser- Let go of Claudia.
Keith- You asked for it. (Shoots Ray again, this time in the chest)
Ray- Shit..oh God...Fraser, kill him..
Claudia- Fraser, just kill him!
Keith- (slams the gun into Claudiaís head. She goes limp) Shut up!
Fraser- Son of a bitch! What the hell has she ever done to you?! Ray? Whatís he done?
Keith- They killed my brother.
Ray- Oh yeah....heís..psychotic...
Keith- Shut up! (Puts the gun to Claudiaís head) Now I donít have time to catch my flight. I had everything prepared for Claudiaís arrival! You ruined it!

(We hear a gunshot. Keith and Claudia fall. Fraser lets out a breath, and has a look of finality and disappointment on his face)

Fraser- You made me shoot you. You son of a bitch...
Ray- Iím proud..of ya Ben.

                                   *                        *                         *

      ( Scene takes place in a hospital room. Ray is laying there, moaning. Scene changes to the other side of the sheet divider to the bed beside him. Claudiaís there)

Claudia- Shut up! Youíve been moaning all night!
Ray- I was shot O.K?
Claudia- Yeah, well so was I!
Ray- I was shot twice. In attempt to save your life, might I remind you.
Claudia- Oh, yeah. Did I thank you?
Ray- I think I was loaded up at the time. Say it again.
Claudia- Thanks Ray, you saved my life.
Ray- Oh, no, inner ear problem. I couldnít hear you. Can you repeat that?
Ray- You owe me now, you realize that, right?
Claudia- You were doing you duty! Thatís your job to protect people! I helped earn you another citation!
Ray- Oh, shut up. Just, donít talk to me.
Claudia- Donít start this again Ray.
Ray- Me?! You started it!

(Scene fades out. We no longer see them, but still hear them)

Claudia- Itís not my fault you donít pay attention to detail.
Ray- I noticed Keithís hat, so there!
Claudia- Itís a blue and yellow hat! How can you miss it!?
Ray- Hey, I could be colour-blind.
Claudia- Are you?
Ray- Iím not sure. Do colour-blind people know theyíre colour-blind? Maybe they just think lifeís very dull.
Claudia- Well then detective, they should spend a day with us.