***Sorry. This isn't as much about Beatles as it should be, I hope you like it anyway.***

    I once read in one of my thousands of Beatle books an interesting story about John Lennon. Whether it was true or not has left to be proven, but it left a vivid mark on my mind I couldn't seem to shake. It was brief, but for some reason it grasped my intrigue like a pair of barbecue tongs.
    It stated that John had told his young son, Julian, that one day after he passed away, he would contact Julian from the other side by floating a white feather across the room.


    It was a short time after when my best friend and I were walking together to the playground on a cold December day. It was faintly snowing, the clouds lined with grey and dropping soft flakes that scattered across the grass. My friend was quiet as we walked, then asked me a question.
    "What do you think snow is?"
    I couldn't tell if the question was, in fact, truly deep, or if it was just mindless small talk. At any rate, I thought about it, then answered slowly.
    "Frozen particles of water dropped from clouds."
    She silently absorbed that one.
    "Why, what do you think?"
    She gazed up into the dull sky and shivered a little.
    "I think their angel feathers."

    For some reason, it struck a chord with me and my mind quickly raced to find the meaning of it. I knew something...

    "Angel feathers?"
    The snowflakes fell a little harder, drifting in front of us, flying through the air in cold swirls of wind.

    "Yeah, you know." I swallowed. I remembered what it was supposed to mean right before she finished.

    "I think their white feathers from heaven."

    I've never been superstitious, and I was always annoyed by ignorant people who thought "they had the power". So I don't really think it meant anything. But from that day, it gave me a little more hope. So, thank you John Lennon.

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